Brief on the Company

  • The Economic Group - Holding Company is a Libyan Holding Company established under Commercial Law No. 23 of 2010, which is registered under Commercial Registration No. 661/022. It invests in various sectors at the local, regional and international levels and contributes to the development and prosperity of the national economy in order to increase national income.
  • The company continuously examines investment and business opportunities and seeks to expand all its business.


  • The company is working to create a work environment based on teamwork and excellence in performance using the best international standards to achieve long-term return on investment for investors, shareholders and partners.
  • The company owns many of its subsidiaries both inside and outside Libya, where it supervises and follows up its work and monitor the performance as follows:

The Vision

For the Economic Group - Holding Company to be a distinguished investment institution in the investment sector at the local, regional and international levels to provide investment opportunities and solutions through the provision of integrated services in accordance with international specifications and standards.

The Message

To achieve high returns and high quality that gives added value to shareholders, investors, customers, employees and the community with accuracy in work, speed in delivery, fulfillment, punctuality and teamwork with our customers.


The Objectives

Providing excellent services to customers.
Striving for the best results and flexibility.
Protecting and developing investments.
Harnessing all of the company's investment, administrative and financial energies toward work of excellence.
Establishing a strong relationship based on mutual trust, integrity and credibility among its investors.
Justice, integrity and transparency.
Staff development.
Accessing the best institutions in the field of investment at the local, regional and international levels.
Capturing good investment opportunities with good financial returns.
Attracting and inviting investors.
Working on the principle of equal opportunities among employees which helps toward creativity and talent.

The company owns many of its subsidiaries both inside and outside Libya

Al-Mabda’ Contracting & Real Estate Investment Co.
Diplomatic Services Company.
Al-Mamar Company for importing equipment, technology and engineering solutions.
Laura Travel & Tourism Company.
Ribal Company for importing livestock and meat.
Tallin Company for importing cars and spare parts.

European Network Company/ Malta.
Castell Hotel Services/ Cyprus.
Euro Star Company for various businesses/ Malta.
Sunshine Company for Tourism Services/ Malta.
Qasr International Investment Company/ Panama.